Open Space, Parks and Trails

JR Rib CuttingJordan_River_trail_tunnelOne of the Sandy City residents highest stated priorities has been the creation and maintenance our Sandy open space, parks and trails. Chris is committed to making sure that this priority is achieved now and into the future.

Chris is especially fond of the Dimple Dell Park and its related existing and future trail connections. This trail connection when completed will provide our residents and children a safe, alternative transportation passageway from the Lone Peak wilderness area to the Sandy City downtown business district along State Street, without crossing a major roadway. In fact, an aggressive trail consumer could even get to Snowbird along this spine. Future plans show this trail linkage will get a resident to the Jordan River Parkway as well.
In addition to the trail system, our City Parks are renowned across the State for not only their quality of care but the numerous healthy programs and activities to insure a resident has all the fun a park can provide.

Chris is committed to making sure our Trails, park and recreational programs are of the highest standard allowing our residents an even healthier lifestyle.