Jordan River Commission

The objective of the Jordan River Commission is to preserve and enhance the Jordan River and its related Parkway trail system as it flows through Utah, Salt Lake and Davis Counties. The commission was formed by multiple organizations and co-founded and chaired by Chris McCandless, a resident of Sandy and an elected City Councilman.

His vision for the Commission is to complete the lake-to-lake trail system along the Jordan River while preserving open space and protecting private property rights. In keeping with a campaign promise, he helped facilitate the opening of a key section of the parkway trail, culminating with the completion of the tunnel under 90th South in 2014.

Jordan_River_trail_tunnelThe Jordan River and trails system is important to Chris because of his love for open space and its healthy access environment. It allows residents and visitors to have an active lifestyle which promotes better quality of life habits. Various polls have shown that many Sandy and Salt Lake county residents place trails as one of the highest levels of importance. In some polls, trails even ranked higher than water, police and fire. As an elected official, Chris is committed to promote what the people want and that is more trails, open space and recreational opportunities.