Vision for Sandy

Sandy City has been successfully managed and developed. Below are the key issues Chris believes will help Sandy continue to grow.


Business Growth

One of the most pressing concerns of Sandy City is maintaining the positive business environment that has kept property tax rates low, while continuing to provide quality services and entertainment for its citizens. Chris’s 35 years in the real estate business have given him the experience and vision needed to help bring several key businesses … Continue reading Business Growth

Mass Transportation

Chris co-founded the City’s tourism committee, which has attracted winter visitors, and he advocated for the expansion of Sandy’s business district and mass transportation systems.  As the city of Sandy grows, transportation will play a critical role is the quality of life for all residents. Transportation to Little Cottonwood canyon must be address in the … Continue reading Mass Transportation

Jordan River Commission

The objective of the Jordan River Commission is to preserve and enhance the Jordan River and its related Parkway trail system as it flows through Utah, Salt Lake and Davis Counties. The commission was formed by multiple organizations and co-founded and chaired by Chris McCandless, a resident of Sandy and an elected City Councilman. His … Continue reading Jordan River Commission


Tourism is an important element in the Sandy community as it provides numerous business opportunities, additional resources for managing open space in our nearby national forests and wilderness areas and provides tax revenues for the city to operate its budget smoothly. Chris recognized an important missing element in our municipal role and became an advocate … Continue reading Tourism

Local After School Programs

Having been involved in numerous youth programs including the Boys and Girls clubs, Chris recognized the benefit of after school programs in the lives of children, especially those who are from single parent households. He identified the problem of some Sandy schools that fell in the middle of the governmental funding pool because income in … Continue reading Local After School Programs

Open Space, Parks and Trails

One of the Sandy City residents highest stated priorities has been the creation and maintenance our Sandy open space, parks and trails. Chris is committed to making sure that this priority is achieved now and into the future. Chris is especially fond of the Dimple Dell Park and its related existing and future trail connections. … Continue reading Open Space, Parks and Trails