March update

Sandy City update from Councilman Chris McCandless
 Do you know what’s new?

Time is flying by and I’m loving our spring weather.  I just posted a picture of my dog Charli for the March “Where’s Chris” contest.  Take a look and see if you can guess the location to win a gift certificate to eat-out in Sandy.  Simply click this link to my website:

City Council Update:

Sandy is growing and I’m happy with the progress I’m seeing.

First, Hale Centre Theatre construction is moving along with its scheduled opening still slated for 2017. The aerial picture (above) shows the outline of the two theaters, both the main theater in the round (900 seats) and the smaller thrush theater (450 seats). As the lowest level of construction is substantially below the at-grade ground level, it’s really nice to see some of the vertical walls rising above that grade. Drive by and take a look.

Second, some of you may have noticed the massive white big-top tent being raised in the west side parking lot in the Shops at South Town Mall west side parking lot near 10600 south. This is the site for the Odysseo show by Cavalia coming to Sandy. The show is produced by Cavalia which has been developed, created and produced by one of the Cir-du-sole show founders consisting of acrobats, dancers, musicians, 65 horses of differing breeds all performing inside the tent. The tent is the size of an NFL football field will have built in a artificial lake, movie screens as large as three IMAX theaters and other special theatrical affects. The will begin their shows on April 20 and run for several weeks.

The performance has been shown all over the world including China, Canada and now Sandy City. For a sneak peek and information go to and click on the Salt Lake City show details.


If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me. I do my best to represent you and I’d love to hear from you.