Looking Forward- 2016

Looking Forward with Councilman Chris McCandless
Wishing you good times, good cheer, and a memorable new year.

Sandy – Looking Ahead

As a City Councilman I obviously have my own personal areas that rise to the top of what I would like to see happen this next year and those beyond in the City.

But, it’s not about what I want, it’s about what the citizens want and that seems pretty simple; continue to keep our tax rates lower without compromising our quality of life. Defining the term “quality of life” includes police and fire protection, providing parks, trails and access to various recreational amenities, providing citizens with after school programming, elderly care and other various programs that make life in Sandy safe and enjoyable.


Looking forward

First, by 2017 Hale Centre Theatre will be completed, up and running thereby realizing the same or even better success as we welcome a professional arts program into our community.

Second, we need to stay focused on our changing revenue stream as a result of dynamic changes to our local businesses especially the retail outlets and our automobile dealerships along our freeway corridor.

Third, we need new sources of revenue to pay for aging transportation infrastructure such as roads.

And finally, we need to identify and help those who are truly in need. We are seeing more homeless and more residents who are struggling including those single parent households. There seems to be more addiction problems with pornography and illicit drugs, all of these problems ruin lives that can spread into a cancer that lasts for generations. Our challenge in the forthcoming years will be to identify how we as a community can better serve them and help them become productive citizens in our community.

Overall, Sandy is a wonderful place and I promise to do my part in continuing to help improve our lifestyles. Again, thank you!


Stay Tuned!

This month I am going to start a “Where’s Chris” contest where I post a picture of me in a hidden location and the winner will receive a gift card to dine out in Sandy.  Like me on Facebook and keep reading my newsletters for more info.  This should be a lot of fun- good luck!

-Chris McCandless-
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