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Chris McCandless

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You should have received your ballot by now

and I’d love your vote.

This year the Sandy City Municipal Election is all Vote by Mail.
Here is a link for more information:

Remember to send in your ballot by November 3rd.

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I have served as your district four City Councilman for two and a half terms.

I am anxious to serve another term.

I have served in a number of civic positions and taken action on several crucial lifestyle elements in Sandy. This year, my campaign has focused on a report card of sorts demonstrating what I have done instead of campaigning on promises.

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My Take on the Tax Increase
Over the past ten years for approximately 20-30 hours per week, I have worked with great people as part of the Sandy City Council.

As many of you know, the Council recently voted unanimously to increase our property tax rate by 4%; this increase is the cost equivalent of two diet cokes per month!

Since everyone, including me hates the thought of a property tax increase, even a small one, I want to put this issue into its proper perspective by comparing our tax rate to our neighbor; Salt Lake City.

The Sandy City property tax on an average $275,000 home is $215, including the annual $9 property tax increase! If that same Sandy home was located in Salt Lake City, you would pay $848.66. That a $633 increase, $52 per month more than Sandy’s tax rate.

Sandy property taxes are very low!

Back to my diet Coke comparison: For Salt Lake City residents, their property tax rate over Sandy equates to 139 more diet cokes per month.

Like you, I want to keep our property taxes as low as possible. But I also see the services we are falling behind in, and I know that the Sandy City Council has voted in good faith. We do a lot with less.

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Summary of Results
1. I and others have spearheaded the formation of the Jordan River Commission which has played a vital role in completing multiple millions of dollars in improvements to the Jordan River Parkway trail resulting in significant lifestyle benefits as requested by our citizens

2. The After School Program in low income areas affecting both Sandy and Salt Lake County children has been established under my leadership

3. The Sandy and Little Cottonwood Canyon Tourism Committee, which I formed has brought millions of dollars in out-of-state tourism funds to our local Sandy businesses

4. As the Council Chair, I had a significant leadership role in the no-kill animal rights campaign wherein Sandy, through its City Council adopted new operating procedures for our animal friends

5. I have aggressively analyzed and sought to understand and then voted upon ten approximately $100 million dollar municipal combined budgets

6. Most recently, I put together the strategic plan that revived and brought Hale Centre Theatre to Sandy. It’s now under construction with a scheduled opening in January 2017

7. And yes, this last year we passed a budget that included a small property tax increase, the first in almost three decades

Thanks for your Support!