February Newsletter 2015

COMMITTEE MEETING SUMMARIES Feb 17 The regular City Council meeting was cancelled on February 17th in lieu of the annual Sandy City citizen’s awards dinner to honor volunteers. This annual event is where we pay tribute to people in Sandy who have performed extraordinary acts of service and kindness and culminates with the prestigious Noel Bateman award.  The following is a partial list of the recipients:

Sandy City Appreciation Awards Banquet:
City Council Employee Recognition of the Year Award – Van Midgley
Senior Citizen Volunteer of the Year – Maggie Steele
Parks and Recreation Volunteer of the Year – Dean Coffey
Outstanding Volunteer of the Year – Dean Lang
Outstanding Citizen Contribution – Karen Thomas
Outstanding Service Award – Harold Haugen
Dick and Pat Adair Lifetime Achievement Award – Allan Setterberg
Humanitarian of the Year – Craig Bolerjack
Noel Bateman Long Time Service Award – Karin Johnstone
Congratulations to all – it’s the volunteers in our city that makes it great!
Feb 11

The City Council heard a report on the state of the City based upon surveyed response’s from you! The annual Sandy City pollsters asked over 400 residents questions on important issues, tasks, department performance and what people love about Sandy. The Council can then gauge where we need to work and place more emphasis to improve and maintain certain municipal amenities and programs. For example, in the survey safety through fire and police protection from undesirable elements in our neighborhoods rose to the top of the charts this year. Quality of life issues also stood out as a priority. Our employees’ performances were scored based upon a 1-5 ratio (one being poor and five rating as the highest level of service). Based upon our past 20 years of surveys, the employees ranked very well although conceding that there are always areas for improvement including communication at the Council and Administrative levels. As a separate item, we accepted an annexation application that when completed will welcome more of the residents located at the mouth of little cottonwood canyon into Sandy. By approving the resolution on the agenda, it starts that process. During the planning meeting we reviewed a video that is a summary of a book: For the Love of Cities by Peter Kageyma. Afterwards we discussed its content and ways to continue to improve Sandy. In the end however, our best ideas do not come from within the City council and administration, but from our residents. If you have an idea that would improve our city, please reach out to me, I would love to hear from you! Feb 3 The City Council saw a presentation on a new mixed use development including two large office buildings, a hotel and four restaurants. When completed, this will create an expanded skyline for the downtown Sandy area. The project is west of the Exposition Center and owned/developed by Workers Compensation Fund in partnership with Ron Raddon of Raddon Brothers Construction. See the No-kill Animal Shelter section below for other discussions we had this night. Jan 27 This City Council meeting was quite pleasant. The first event of the meeting was a presentation by Utah Transit Authority and how bus or rail systems through the business district in Sandy and then continuing into South Jordan could work to improve mass transportation in our area. A public hearing will be held on February 18 to work on the concepts and gather input from the residents. The second item that was well received by all in attendance at the meeting was our first “Spirit of Christmas” Award. The Mayor and Council recognized four homes (one was actually an entire circle/street of homes) where the owners decorated their homes in Christmas lights and broadcasted Christmas music over an FM station with the lights dancing to and fro based upon the musical number. We expect next year to make this award more formal and have specific entries. We had one citizen comment on our Police department response policies and the Council will address the questions he raised in our next planning meeting.  Lastly, one of our firemen and fire department also received an award from a national insurance agency– our Sandy Fire Department is the best. Jan 20 This City Council meeting was packed with issues and discussions and it was a very lively event. Three of the topics were; first, discussion on the potential for a no-kill animal shelter policy (we have begun doing research on that topic which will be presented and deliberated upon at a future meeting). Second, a zoning hearing on a parcel near 1700 East which was remanded back to the planning commission for further deliberation and planning which will then result in the landowners and developer bringing the request back to the City Council for a vote in a few weeks. Third, we voted to approve of a voluntary owners application to annex into Sandy for a couple of areas. We adjourned the meeting about 9PM. More to come on the first two issues in the future! Here is a link to the Sandy City Council Agenda page to keep you updated: http://sandy.utah.gov/government/city-council/city-council-agenda-front-page/most-recent.html

Sandy Pride 2015 Sandy Pride Day is when a vast amount of energy is put forth from citizen and corporate volunteers. Numerous projects have been completed over the past 30 years from landscaping vacant hillsides to working on neighborhoods, helping disadvantaged families with home improvements and even mountain trailside construction.  Summing it all up, it’s just a day to beatify and clean up the City.  Sandy City helps sponsor some of the activities in concert with the Sandy Exchange Club. This year my focus on Sandy Pride will be Dimple Dell Canyon and the new trails and street side landscaping in Brandon Canyon.  Brandon Canyon is the area south of Fire Station 33 at about 1900 East and 11400 South and Wasatch Boulevard.  It’s a very unique 1.5 mile natural trail system that make a quiet loop through native vegetation and large cottonwood trees. Helping to improve the trail, provide cleanup and even some park strip landscaping is what is needed. Dimple Dell Park is located from Granite Park (about 3000 East) to the light rail train station at 150 East next to Dewey Bluth Park.  This 650 acres of open space houses numerous people and equestrian trails and is owned and operated by Salt Lake County. But I am guessing most of its visitors are Sandy residents.  This year, I hope to have tables, benches and hitching posts repaired and painted, garbage picked up along the streets and down inside the canyon and graffiti removed. If you would like to help sponsor a project or participate in either of the ones I mentioned, send me a note to mccandlessforsandy@gmail.com See Sandy Pride Flier below

In our February 3rd Council meeting, we discussed the potential no-kill shelter policy including the possibility of including a citizen poll with regards to the idea. At the very least, we will have public hearings and seek more input. The next step as decided upon by the Council is to submit a detailed plan whereby the existing animal control policies could be changed to adopt a no-kill shelter proposal along with a “request for proposals” from outside vendors. This will help us establish the actual costs of adopting the idea, before we make the decision.
More to come…
Here is a link to the No Kill Website if you are interested in learning more:  http://www.nokillnetwork.org/d/Utah/

2015/16 BUDGET
The Sandy City budgetary process is now in full swing. Over the next several months, the Council will receive and deliberate upon numerous budgetary scenarios ranging from employee benefits to capital improvement projects affecting our roads, parks, trails and a variety of requests from the Council and its citizens. Watch the City web site for nights when we have presentations by each department that will prose its needs for the upcoming fiscal year of 2015/16. Or just send me a message with your thoughts and or concerns. Here is a link to learn more about our Sandy City Budget: 2015 Budget link